Lake Erie Basics

There are distinct techniques exclusionary to drift fishing with weight forward spinners, casting harnesses, and lead headed jigs on Lake Erie. Don't expect to just start casting and reeling and filling the cooler. There are right ways and wrong ways to work the lures. I'll show you how to do it and you will learn the right way. Once you do learn you will catch more , you will appreciate your accomplishments, and most importantly, you will make things easier on me. When you think about it, the better you are the less I have to do and that equates to you getting your monies worth. It's YOUR JOB to catch them while I watch. Not the other way around. I want you to feel the excitement of contributing to the catch and not there to just hold the camera and open the beers.

The Great Lakes

The Great Lakes - Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario - are a dominant part of the physical and cultural heritage of North America. Shared with Canada and spanning more than 750 miles (1,200 kilometers) from west to east, these vast inland freshwater seas have provided water for consumption, transportation, power, recreation and a host of other uses.

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