America's Best Value Inn/Lakeland Motel

America's Best Value Inn, formerly Lakeland Marina is the #1 place to stay and fish in the Port Clinton and surrounding area. Irish C Charters is docked at the motel where you can walk out the back door of the motel and onto the boat. There is a deck behind the motel that is on the river and overlooks the marina. This is usually the place where the post fishing debriefing takes place where you can enjoy the view, debrief, or just enjoy the weather. There are grills there for those who wish to use them. There is also the Bait House Bar which is in its 2nd season at the motel.The bar offers food and entertainment and is on the water for a great view.Best of all, the prices are reasonable. The rooms are nice , reasonably priced, and are much better than the one bathroom for six people luxury trailers you hear about. CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE, CONVENIENCE!!!! No need to drive. You can walk 2 blocks or less to most everywhere you need to go. AND you get 10% off the rooms for fishing with IRISH C CHARTERS.
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