Ice Ice Baby! Nothing like a 90 degree Coca-Cola Classic to remind you of the condition known as lack of Ice-itis. I have ice at the marina for FREE!!!! So you don't have to buy any unless of course the ice machine breaks. Same for icing the fish on the way home. FREE!!!! What a deal.

Ice is an important part of your fishing trip!


While the boat is stocked with Ice for your fish and a personal drink, if you are bringing ample beverages, or  extra lunches, it is recommended that you re-stock on ice before leaving the marina. Ice keeps your fish fresh, and your drink cold. You may also use it to nurse a headache from the previous night at Put in Bay. I hope that snazzy digital camera you just put in the plastic bag (to keep dry) will help you remember why you need the icepack. Or just save your bar receipts to show the captain exacally why you're sleeping instead of reeling in fish.

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