Boots are fine if your fishing from shore. Don't punish your dogs, know what type of shoes to wear and pack them in advance. Soft soled shoes everybody. Tennis shoe----OK. Boating shoe---OK. Work boots full of dirt,grease,oil,etc.---NOPE!!! Sandles are OK. NO bare feet. Common sense prevails. Rubber soled foot apparel is OK as long as it's not the gooey black kind that leaves marks all over the gel coat.

Shoes, you can tell a lot by a man's shoes


Forrest Gump said that, "Mama always said you could tell a lot about a man by his shoes." and we, like the lady he was saying it to, could care less. Your shoes on the Irish C need to help you catch fish, not keep you from it. Athletic shoes are the best, as the boat moves so must the balance on your feet. After a couple hours of rocking back and fourth in your flipflops you may wonder,

"why didn't anyone tell me to wear athletic shoes?"

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