The Man, the Career, the LEGEND

Mike Gofron is the most famous walleye fisherman I know. He has won all the awards, and I mean ALL the awards, and in 2010 added the AIM International Walleye Championship to his trophy case. He's been featured on numerous tv shows and in all the major fishing magazines dealing with walleyes and fishing. Nobody gave him anything or got him to where he is today. He EARNED it through hard work, experience, but mostly talent. All this hard work has resulted in a full trophy case, national recognition, but most important of all the RESPECT of walleye competitors and fishermen everywhere. I met Mike over 20 years ago when he came to Lake Erie for a first ever national walleye fishing tournament held at Put-in-bay on South Bass Is. He stayed in Port Clinton during pre fishing before going to the island for the actual  tournament.  His reputation has only risen since those early days. Every year he fished the " Big Lake" he always made it a point to see me and find out what's happening. When I was doing the Chicagoland Sport Show in Rosemont, Mike helped me in my booth and I'm gratefull  that he did..Even with all he has accomplished he still maintains a humble attitude and doesn't let success go to his head. I'd fish with him any where anytime and am proud to call him my friend.