Irish C Charters Rates & Trip Estimates

Standard Package   630.00.  Walleye .   This package includes bait, lures [ on a you lose it you bought it basis, ] rods and reels, [ 100.00 fee if you lose the equipment,  don't laugh.It happened three times last year alone.] and ice for the fish.Prior to May 1st walleye is 450.00 and perch is 400.00.    

Mini Exec Package  700.00 includes fish cleaning to the standard package, storage included if needed.

Smallmouth bass is 630.00 but live bait is extra.Jigs and tubes are provided. 

Perch package 600.00 includes rods and reels, spreaders and snelled hooks, BAIT, and FISH CLEANING. 

A fuel surcharge for all trips may be added depending on the price of fuel.                      

 Cheap charters aren't good and

 good charters aren't cheap!!!!!!

Premium Package810.00   Walleye , Bass , or Perch. Executive charter includes rods/reels,lures,bait [ bass bait extra],ice,food/beverage{beer,pop,water,] fish cleaning and storage.


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