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fishing lures


I use 3 types of lures when drifting for walleyes. Weight forward spinners, [ Erie Dearie, Crooked Eye, Sure Shad,] casting harnesses, and jigs in the early spring.I provide all the lures on a "you lose it you bought it basis" but you can bring your own if you want. I use various colors on the weight forwards and any color blade on the casting harnesses as long as it's GOLD. Jigs are purple with hair and a trailer hook.I provide the bait except for the jigs which I usually use baitless.


fishing line


I like to use the lightest line possible. This means 6 to 8lb mono as a rule but never over 10lb. With braided line you can use a heavier lb test because it will be a smaller diameter than mono. Fluorocarbons are good for leaders and making lures but they have tremendous memory and will twist. Always use a good quality swivel, preferably the ball bearing type, but NO buck chin cheapos.

For more info on lines click here.

Choosing a crankbait

Crankbaits have accounted for large numbers of fish but the huge variety of sizes, colors and shapes can overwhelm you. Why will fish hit one color while ignoring another on any given day? What shape should you fish today? Why fish a crankbait instead of a worm, spinnerbait or some other bait?


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