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Package Rates

The motel has different prices per room depending on the rooms location. However, the motel and Irish C Charters is offering a  special package for 2017.  Based on a party of 6, the individual cost would be 165.00 per person Sunday thru Thursday. The weekend would have the regular room rates.THE BOAT IS 630.00 PER DAY the rest is motel charge.



Each trip is 8 hrs. or so [ depending on fishing and traveling time ] dock to dock and includes everything except food/bev and fish cleaning. There will be a slight fuel sur charge this summer if gas gets as high as predicted. I'll make the call and I will be fair about it. The prices are lower thansome and higher than others but are very good when you add all the other factors. Remember: GOOD CHARTERS AREN'T CHEAP AND CHEAP CHARTERS AREN'T GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!













island marinas

There are two different docks to pick up groups. The first are the city docks in downtown Put-in-bay where the majority of the bars and restaurants are located. They can be very crowded and can make pick up difficult. The other is the state dock on the west side of the island. This is usually less crowded and less of a hassle. However, Where the group is picked up depends on where we are going to fish. We'll have that worked out before hand.

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cell phones

Everybodys got one but you need to protect it on the boat. Wrap it in plastic or put it on the dash. Don't put it in your shirt pocket with everything else you want to accidently drop into the lake. Don't use the trouser clips to hold your cell. They will hit something or someone and go SPLASH!!! I've seen it happen countless times. My former dock mate lost three phones in one week showing me his new and improved phone holders  that were guaranteed to work. Trust me and just use a little common sense around the water.

About Me, Captain Pat Armour

Hi, I'm Captain Pat, My brother and I began fishing Lake Erie in 1964.We began charterng on a part time basis in 1975 and full time since 1980.Although my brother no longer charters, I still do on a full time basis.

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